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Holmgreen Mortuary Inc. - A South Texas Funeral Home Serving Alice, Texas
About Us

Our mortuary was founded in 1909 by O. H. Moyer in a time when funeral directors were called "undertakers" and many visitations and wakes were held in family homes.

Back then, our establishment was called the Moyer Mortuary and even after Mr. Moyer's death in 1948, his wife Etta continued operations, hiring a young funeral director - James E. Holmgreen - who had gone to mortuary school in Dallas after returning from World War II.  Jim Holmgreen had grown up in Alice and graduated from high school here.

Jim Holmgreen bought Moyer Mortuary in 1953 and in 1965, built a new state-of-the-art funeral home - Holmgreen Mortuary.

After Jim's death in 2002 his wife Marjean Holmgreen and their four children; James Craig, Annajean, Martha, and Judy formed a family corporation.

A few words from Dale Dupree, Holmgreen Mortuary's General Manager:

Holmgreen Mortuary is the oldest family-owned funeral home in Alice.  We’ve continued to be leaders with how we take care of the families we serve and offer an open and friendly environment.

Because funerals are for the living, we respect and carry out the wishes of each family, offering an opportunity for them to express their love and honor in a unique and personalized manner.  During the service, the community also has the chance to come together to express their love and support for the surviving family members.

Our continuing high standard of service expresses our respect for the families we serve…and we strive to provide a wide variety of meaningful services that align with changes in social custom and personal need.